My city needs a chance.

Across the country, transportation averages 17% of income. Here, it’s 29%. Credit is hard to come by, and so are cars, so cars are shared, and old. Maintenance and insurance fight rent and food for a place in the budget. Bus routes are complicated, transfers are numerous, schedules are sketchy, and stops are often far from the job. Late is ordinary, if not missing whole shifts. Losing jobs through no fault of your own is ordinary, if not expected.

My city needs a lift.

My city needs the means to get to work, and the reliability and future that will bring. They need the independence of ownership, and the credit history that follows. They need insurance and training, and the license and tag that come with it. They need maintenance to assure their mobility, and a move in the right direction.

And employers need the dependability of all of that, because of the productivity it increases. And all of it has to be affordable.

Three bucks a day, all in.

A scooter, everything that goes with it - and the future -
are all yours.

My city is Memphis.
And now, my city rides.

Ready to ride?

If you're ready to become a MyCityRides' Flyer click the link below to apply and take the first step. It's time to, Get Somewhere.